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Why I Still Follow Chris Brogan

A couple of high-profile people unfollowed me on Twitter recently, as part of a mass unfollow on their part, including Chris Brogan. Here’s a video explaining why I still follow him for you non-readers and a few of the points in the video for you people who have no patience with a 7 minute video. : ) Please feel free to give me feedback.

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Everything I needed to know about building a business on Social Media I learned in Kindergarten

Well it’s true!

Here’s the video of the presentation I gave at 140 Conference Hudson Valley in August and some of the content for those of you who are Just Too Busy to watch a 17 minute video.

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Top 10 Comments I’ll Never Approve on my YouTube Channel

Here’s a little look into the downside of having your own YouTube channel. And why you should have one anyway!!! JUST DO IT!! GO! : )

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