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Why I Still Follow Chris Brogan

A couple of high-profile people unfollowed me on Twitter recently, as part of a mass unfollow on their part, including Chris Brogan. Here’s a video explaining why I still follow him for you non-readers and a few of the points in the video for you people who have no patience with a 7 minute video. : ) Please feel free to give me feedback.


Although I DID notice because I actually scanned a weekly email I get of people who unfollowed me, I have to admit I had to check if I was following Chris. I was pretty sure I did, because we have mutual friends, and I take other people’s recommendations more seriously than any other hype. I’ve never met Chris but I’m sure one of these days I will.

I signed up for that unfollow email way back and it’s good for one thing only. Well, actually two things. 1.To see who may have accidentally unfollowed me, like a really good friend, and see who I may have accidentally pissed off. Hey it happens and I try not to piss people off who I actually LIKE.

It’s called something like *who unfollowed me*, but really I have no idea what it’s called and neither should you.

Someone else who I follow, : ) CLICK HERE -> Dan Newman, wrote a blog post about it.I don’t agree with everything in that post but it did get me thinking, and isn’t that what a good blog post is supposed to do? You can see Chris Brogan’s posts within Daniel’s post. There are a few things I DO agree with, and I’d like to add my two cents, because to me it’s an interesting topic.

We all make mistakes. What point does it serve to judge someone who says, hey, here’s what I did, here’s what I’ve done, here’s why I did it?

In my opinion, we can all learn from Chris Brogan, and to date I haven’t unfollowed him from any accounts, because I think we can learn from what other people did wrong just as much as what they are doing right.

Just a few points on the following issue. speaking for myself

I follow people who add value to my twitter feed

I follow people who don’t exist to fight, bully and belittle

I follow people who write because I’m a voracious reader and write 4 or 5 blogs of my own

I follow funny people

I follow smart people

I follow people with the same interests. I have a lot of interests. That’s I follow a lot of people on 5 personal accounts.

I follow a few people who, in my opinion, do social media *wrong* because I think I can help them.

I never feel obligated to follow anybody for any reason

I never base my self-worth on whether or not somebody follows me on Twitter

I never ask anybody to follow me unless it’s obvious they think they already are

I rely heavily on DMS to conduct business, so you will never see me just following a handful of people, because all three of my businesses are very detail oriented and I want my customers to have access to me.

Note: That’s right. I actually follow some people who I think don’t *get* social media. Because I think I can help them. By them actually hiring me and by reading my blog posts. You can’t put everything you know in a blog post. That’s why people write books. That’s why people are consultants.

I try to keep things organized as I follow people and once a month I try to clean my account out and get rid of people with inactive accounts or that unfollowed me and I somehow had no idea who they were to begin with.

Although I use lists I actually look at my general twitter stream much more often than my lists.

I use hashtags more than lists to communicate with my favorite groups, i.e. #usguys #smcli #litweetup #jewelry #jewelrychat #bacon #leo just to name a few. I may not actually use the hashtags when I’m tweeting with these people but just clicking on a hashtag makes it easy for me to navigate my followers on all five of my personal brand accounts and those of my clients.

I hope this helps. I use Twitter because it works for me. Best of luck and prosperity to Chris and all of the other people who bulk unfollowed as they find their way back into what works for them on Twitter.



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  1. Dan Newman

    November 4, 2011 at 12:06 am

    Sueanne – I really enjoyed the post and your take on things. Glad to have inspired you even if you don’t agree!!!

    The video was a nice addition.

    Keep it up


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