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The Killer Social blog discusses things that make social media killer or not-so-killer.
I will discuss strategy, conferences I attend, things I think you should be doing or not doing i.e. best practices, stupid pet peeves I may have, marketing, advertising, branding, communications, ideas, my dog, my hair, whatever makes sense to get my point across.

Who am I?
I am all this . I literally started in advertising at age 15. When you do that, it’s impossible to have a 2 line bio.
What is my professional background?
It’s here.
What’s with the jewelry?
I cut my teeth in social media building my jewelry brand, which is almost 3 years old. I believe when you are good at several things, there is nothing wrong with doing them all. My advertising background is.. gulp.. 29 years older than my jewelry background. I’m old. I’m experienced. And I still eat Oreos for breakfast a couple times a week.
What else do I do?
I do a number of things:

  • As Partner at Socialisle and SocialSchoolLI – I provide solutions that transform businesses to social media heros, and basic, intermediate and advanced Social Media Operational training programs for Businesses and organizations.
  • As principal at Killer Social – I provide Brand Development strategy and Social Media communication solutions to agency, corporate, small business and not-for-profit clients .
  • As a board member of Social Media Club Long Island – I help communicate what that group is doing through their blog, share with the group, and spread the word on Long Island and NYC about the benefits of Social Media to business.
  • As a writer – I contribute to the Herald de Paris, the Socialisle blog, the Social media Club Long Island and National blog, my style blog and my humor blog, as well as a few guest posts here or there.
  • As a jewelry designer – I am founder and president of Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry, a global artisan online and brick and mortar semi-precious jewelry brand.
  • I also do occasional speaking at events that involve social media and communications strategy.
Do I work with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)?
Yes. Most of my clients prefer that I do. I am often taking on a personae or brand identity when I am posting or tweeting for a brand. I’m a Killer, but I’m a stealthy Killer.
Where can I be reached (and how)?
  • Snail Mail: 4410 Austin Blvd. Island Park, NY 11558 c/o BAS Ent.
  • Skype: sueanneshirzay
  • Twitter: @KillerSocial
  • LinkedIn:
  • Phone 516 241-5836
  • Email:
How do companies hire me?
  • Step 1: Contact me.
  • Step 2: We’ll have a chat.
What’s with the knife?
I have no knife training. Nobody gets hurt. Killer is one of my nicknames. It just made sense.

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