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Social Media is a exciting road to interactive branding, content, advertising, marketing, sales, public relations, customer service and social interaction all rolled into one big happy 24/7 package. I believe most businesses should be taking advantage of this environment.
What makes me Killer is my ability to cut through everything you’ve thought or been told you should be doing. I then very quickly get to the solutions and strategies that will build your brand and your bottom line through targeted and effective online communication.


On retainer my fees are $60 an hour payable in advance in 10 hour increments. (minimum one 10 hour increment) Generally this type of arrangement has worked fine, but sometimes I price out work as per-job type of structures, because sometimes that just makes more sense.

Speaking Fees

Sometimes I charge, sometimes I can speak for free. It depends on the geographic location and travel costs. I enjoy sharing information and helping people understand what social media can do for them.

My consultation fee is $125 for an hour phone or in-person consultation.
I also provide an outline based on what is discussed at the onset of each retainer agreement and after a consultation, so everybody is clear on the objectives.

Please call 516-241-5836 or email me via the contact page for further information or to set up an appointment.