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Why I Still Follow Chris Brogan

A couple of high-profile people unfollowed me on Twitter recently, as part of a mass unfollow on their part, including Chris Brogan. Here’s a video explaining why I still follow him for you non-readers and a few of the points in the video for you people who have no patience with a 7 minute video. : ) Please feel free to give me feedback.

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Everything I needed to know about building a business on Social Media I learned in Kindergarten

Well it’s true!

Here’s the video of the presentation I gave at 140 Conference Hudson Valley in August and some of the content for those of you who are Just Too Busy to watch a 17 minute video.

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Top 10 Comments I’ll Never Approve on my YouTube Channel

Here’s a little look into the downside of having your own YouTube channel. And why you should have one anyway!!! JUST DO IT!! GO! : )

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Is there Rehab for Stupid?

Reputation Management Basics

Did you think I would wait this long to put in my two cents on this Weinergate situation?

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SAY it, don’t SPRAY it. My case against extended tweets.

We all have our pet Twitter peeves, don’t we? This is one of mine. People who extend or “continue” their tweets that are too long to fit

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Wake up and smell the Social Media, Long Island

I am delighted to be among those speaking at the first ever 140 Conference Long Island on May 26th. The event will be held at the

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FASHION! Tweet to the left. FASHION! Tweet to the right.

I had the pleasure of attending the first Fashion 140 conference in Manhattan on May 4. As someone with dual professional personalities

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Why is my Klout Killer?

Recently, the topic of online influence in social media has exploded into my life. The word on the street is that I am someone who influences people in the social

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