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Some little girls want to be Miss America when they grow up. I wanted to be Darrin from Bewitched. Connecting words to concepts and visuals has always fascinated me.

My newest venture, Killer Social, was started in 2011 as a way to assist businesses with their Social Media strategy and implementation. I specialize in Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging, which I believe are the most effective platforms for most business. I help define the image, character, content, personality and brand you want to project out into the world and help you achieve your goals in a concise, targeted “killer” manner.

My advertising and marketing experience dates back to 1980, when I started working for an advertising agency after school at age 15. I wasn’t an intern. They actually paid me. Suckers. I graduated with a BFA in Art Direction/Advertising from Pratt Institute and have been employed on staff by Scripps Howard and CMP Media. I was the President of Shirzay Communications, an advertising and desktop publishing company, for 10 years, where my clients included Popular Science, Audubon Magazine, NetGuide, CMP Media (every tech company you can think of) , and dozens of small Long Island businesses.

My love for color and jewelry led me to found  Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry, a company that was primarily built and branded using Social Media, in 2008. I am also currently a partner of Socialisle, LLC a social business company. I serve on the board of Social Media Club Long Island, am a contributor for Herald de Paris and write two other blogs besides this one. Does This Look Good On Me? and Yeah, that’s Random.

Please contact me for further information at 516.241.5836 or via the contact page.

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