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Wake up and smell the Social Media, Long Island

I am delighted to be among those speaking at the first ever 140 Conference Long Island on May 26th. The event will be held at the Touro Law School in Central Islip and is an all day event. I will be sharing a fun and interesting story with a panel consisting of Lee Bogner, Beth Granger, and Paul Biedermann about how a twitter tribe or “twibe” on Twitter called #usguys came about, what it is and what it can do for you.

The 140 Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to wake up, connect, share, and engage with people that have found success in using the real-time web, specifically social media. This is the first time it’s coming to Long Island and I urge you to attend if you possibly can. It will also be live-streamed and people all over the world will be tuning in to watch it. You can be there in person. So many great stories are out there to be shared, not only in the business world, but all walks of life. This should be a very powerful sharing and learning event where you will hear inspiring stories from fellow Long Islanders as well as around the country.

And the speakers? There are a gazillion. Here is my video attempting to list them all in under 60 seconds:

I know every time I attend anything having to do with the 140Conf family I always come away with new ideas for my businesses. There is nothing better than being there in person, because this allows you to network with some of the greatest minds in the country. You do not want to miss this opportunity, trust me.

Here is a link that will save you 10% if you are interested in attending, that I am able to offer to you because I am speaking at the conference. The VERY AFFORDABLE price includes some sort of breakfast, lunch and a barbecue as well as a Long Island Ducks game for the price of what you might typically pay for dinner. Not including drinks. Or Dessert. Haha. It’s an unbelievable value.

Here is a list of speakers for the event, many of these people I know and follow in various social channels. It is subject to change without notice. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something from these inspiring people.

Hope you will find the time to join me and listen to the many fantastic stories that are made possible by the real time web.

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